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The Competitive Advantage: Advisory Boards

The success of your company can often depend on the guidance from an advisory board. Whether you are supplementing your current governance board of directors or creating one for the first time, the Advisory Board Network can provide the expertise you need in forming the board and administering it.

We work with a variety of business on board positions including:

  • Family owned businesses seeking to extend their board beyond the family

  • Early stage growth businesses requiring top-level guidance and hands-on assistance, as needed, to helping the entrepreneur take the business to the next stage of growth

  • Larger companies needing specialty board services with specific criteria

An advisory board should reflect the future evolving needs of your business. It is not a one-size-fits-all process. We will study your business to understand its unique business needs, and only then, do we suggest the board members to meet them. An advisory board enables you to quickly understand risks and take advantage of opportunities. It is a competitive advantage to have a variety of expertise on call as needed.


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